Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hard Hats Required

  First week of work. I'm exhausted! This full time stuff is way more demanding than my 17 hours a week before...

  But I'm enjoying every minute of it. I have a great co-worker, demanding but flexible management, and a totally awesome building to work in. We've spent the past few days frantically learning the building, showing a couple tours, looking for our new digs (hooray!), and trying not to look too stupid. It's overwhelming how much stuff there is to learn, but I'm slowly getting it. Luckily, my boss is super understanding and flexible, so if I ever have a problem I feel completely comfortable telling him!

  The tours have been interesting. The building is still under construction (heavy construction!), so we have to wear hard hats, long pants and closed-toes shoes. Such a fashion statement.

  Also, we share the one working elevator with the construction men and all their supplies, which is always fun, and we're constantly stepping around wet cement, fresh paint, and new caulking.

  The work is scheduled to be done before November, and people are moving in October 18. Coming up soon! I can't wait to live in the building, and be able to just walk downstairs to work. The unit that we might pick is a big one bedroom: bamboo floors, 10 1/2 ft high exposed cement ceiling, a balcony, an awesome kitchen, and a sliding bedroom door. Our craigslist couch is not going to fit in.

I know I've only worked three days, but I'm still so pumped by this job. I'm so excited to be a part of something again, and especially something awesome and cool. I'm free to suggest ways to do my job better, and I get amazing benefits from it all. That said, I am working HARD. This is my day off, and already I had a meeting this morning from 7:30-9:00, then I have to go back at 4:30 for an event tonight. My next day off is Tuesday. Whew!

Of course, I did get to buy new clothes, so that's a plus...

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