Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sewing with a Cat

 Sewing in a small space is already difficult, with the problems of stuff piling up everywhere. But add a needy cat into the mix, and it gets harder than ever. I've been trying to work on a cute button-up shirt (more on that later), but every time I sit down Suki thinks she needs to be on my lap. Or she jumps on the table, sits on the fabric I'm pinning together, and waits for me to give her proper petting.

If I attempt to move her, she lets out pathetic yowls of frustration. In nicer weather I can open the window, and she's satisfied hanging out on the sill, but now that it's cold the window stays shut, and she stays on my lap. If I succeed in moving her, she just comes just back. A person might pick up that they are unwanted, but Suki just charges back in. At least she's cute.

It's difficult to sew with a cat.

About that shirt...I tried making it with a scrap of cute blue cotton with small white dots, but I ran out, and had to make the lapels white. So now it looks like a tie between a bowling shirt and a maid's uniform. Not cute.
I'm going to try the same shirt pattern in a silky pink fabric, maybe with ruffles. Then it'll at least look like a fancy maid's uniform.

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