Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Sweater Time

The days have turned misty and wet, and Mt Hood doesn't poke his head up past the clouds anymore. I might miss that big buy between now and March!

It's kind of fun being on the 14th floor downtown, though, because I can just look out the window and see the state of the weather. And, working in the same building, I can completely ignore it as I leave my coat on the rack and take the elevator downstairs to my office. But even so, it's sweater weather, and no one can ignore the coziness of being wrapped in warmth and the slight smell of armpit. (Because, really, who washes/dry cleans their sweaters every time? And if you do, kudos. You're a much better person than I am.)

So there was this sweater I saw in Anthropologie awhile ago that was super cute. It was in the front of the store (i.e., not on the sale rack) so I stroked it for awhile and imagined wearing attractive I would much better my life would be... then tore myself away. Jesse and I have decided that we each get a monthly "allowance" in our budget, that we can spend on whatever we want and the other person can't judge at all. So when he brings home another bike off craigslist, I can't say anything. Unforntunately, this sweater was my entire monthly allowance! And everyone knows you can't blow your allowance all at once--that just causes way more heartache later. So I left the sweater, and the store, and went back to work.

A few weeks later: I wandered back into Anthropologie with no real purpose (always dangerous). On my way in, I thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if that sweater was on the sale rack?" I meandered through, admiring on my way. I always head straight to the sale racks with only glances to the side. otherwise I get stuck in just such a sweater situation. When I get to the sale rack, though, THE SWEATER WAS THERE! It was on sale! Oh happy day! So I bought it. And the next day I wore it and got many compliments and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of it's drapey wool on my body. The end, what a good story.

Here it is. It's called the This-Way That-Way Cardigan, and it has what seems to be old rickety ships on it. I love it. It's cozy, and so far does not smell too much like armpit. I promise I will wash it and take good care of it.

Also, it's October 30....Happy Birthday, Daddy.  Don't worry, I love you more than this sweater.

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