Sunday, October 25, 2009

We are downtown folk now

So, we've moved into our new place! The official move was last Tuesday, but I haven't wanted to take any pictures until the boxes were a bit clearer. So for now you just get pictures of the view while we unpack a little bit more every night. But we're here!

It's weird to think of ourselves as "Downtown Folk." I actually really miss Southeast so far, more than I thought I would. There's a cozy sense of neighborhood over there, a sense that I feel is missing among these big buildings and busy streets. But, there's a neighborhood here, too. I just have to find it. We haven't gotten a chance to explore around much and find those little restaurants and shops that make a place. I know they're here, but it seems like they're not quite as quirky as in SE. They're trendy and chic and fancy. Which has it's place. But I'm not sure it's my place. We'll see.

It's a great building, though, and a great central location. A cool opportunity for us to hang out in downtown for awhile, and be trendy, young, and stylish. Check out our view:

The Brewery Blocks (and Henry's Tavern...mmm....)

And the east view:

Mt Hood is out there on clear days, past Big Pink.

I'll let you know what our explorations find, but so far I can say that we're 3 blocks from Stumptown Coffee, 4 blocks from Anthropologie, 2 blocks from an amazing sandwich place, and our nearest grocery store is Whole Foods, for better or for worse.

Life downtown should be exciting!

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