Friday, September 25, 2009

A new job, a new life(style)

So I got good news yesterday. This past week I've been interviewing for a fancy new job, and I found out that it's being offered to me! Hooray! Huzzah! Much celebrating!

The job is at the Indigo, a brand new high-rise building right downtown. There's so much stuff to say about it that I don't know where to start! Here are a few of the main points.

Cool things:
  • It's a Leasing Consultant job. Which means that I'll be convincing people that they want to move into this building so that I may keep my job and earn bonuses.
  • I get to live there. Yup, it comes with an apartment allowance, so Jesse and I will be packing up and moving downtown!
  • The building is awesome. It's built by Gerding Edlen, a company that focuses on eco-friendly, sustainable development, so the building uses 100% sustainable green power, has windmills on top, rainwater harvesting, solar heating, and is scheduled to get Platinum LEED status. Impressive.
  • I'll be on salary, plus the living allowance, plus bonuses when I rent. Meaning we'll actually be able to save money, which just feels amazing!

Other thoughts:
  • I have to work weekends with this job. Not a big deal, but since I've been working every weekend for the past year, I was kind of hoping to switch that up. I'll still do 40 hours a week, and get two days off during the week, but weekends are pretty much booked.
  • The building is in the Pearl. It's kind of the fancy, ritzy, perhaps even "yuppie" district of downtown. I'm super excited about the job and the building, but I'm not sure how I'll fit into that area and lifestyle. It's not something I would have said fits Jesse and I, but I'm interested to see if we can still make the are our own.
  • I'm going to need to buy some more "professional" clothes. I scrape by, but my wardrobe is definitely lacking. Shopping trip, anyone??
  • I'm worried that our craigslist-found, eclectic mix of furniture and stuff will look totally riduculous in such a clean, modern, apartment.
  • I'm just a tad bit nervous. It's one thing to go into an interview and say "I can totally do this job." But now I actually have to prove it! It's a challenge that get me excited and nervous, all rolled into one.

Stylish windmills atop the Indigo

So, there it is! A new phase of life. That's all I know about it so far, but since I start on Monday, hopefully we can figure out when we'll be moving and what unit, and all that! So very exciting! Updates to come!

(pictures from the Indigo blog)

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