Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moving Joys

We're getting ready to move pretty soon, into our fancy new building. It's really exciting, but kind of exhausting to think of packing everything up and shoving it all into a new place. We counted--this is the third time we're moving in a year. Ridiculous! I hope we're done now! Of course, the new apartment totally blows away anywhere else we've lived.
We're packing everything away, and trying to give away everything else (anyone want a table? some random dishes? clothes?). It's ironic--every time we move we get a bigger place, and we get rid of more stuff. So our first tiny apartment was packed with a crazy amount of stuff, and we're slowly simplifying and improving. At least we're going in the right direction!

There's something satisfying about having just the stuff you need. I heard somewhere that people only use 1/3 of the stuff they have. Then we have to get a bigger place to fit all our unused stuff. Then we have to get a storage unit to fit even more. Then we have to buy a 3 bedroom house, then... crazy. I like the idea of simplifying to the point where I really use everything I have. I have what I need, and no more (It's just that I NEED a lot of clothing choices... I do...).

                                             Suki helping us pack. Sort of.

We're weeding out, but I'm not sure I can convince Jesse to part with any one of his eight guitars, so some things will just have to stay. But it's exciting to think of new spaces, and new decorating, and new views.

We just have to move in first. One more week!

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