Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bike Building

Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with bikes, but up until recently I had never built one from the ground up. A little over a month ago I finished my long drawn out build of my Rawland dSogn all-rounder bike. It was a long process because bike parts are expensive and I made the impractical decision to build my own wheels.

The finished product is a blast to ride and now I have the itch to build another bike so I have decided to build a fun city bike for Katrina. The requirements are it has to be rideable in any clothing so it has to be a mixte (step-through) frame. It has to be durable, but still efficient so nothing too heavy. It also has to be affordable, but that shouldn't be too hard since I'm a hoarder of bike parts and should have most of the necessary parts.

The frame on the left is the most likely candidate for Katrina's new baby. I won't however be building it up as a single-speed like the one in the picture. Katrina might kill me after a long ride in our hilly city once she regains her energy by consuming a bag of gummies.

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