Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Year Has Gone By

Look at me, I started a blog then forgot about it for a whole year! I guess life got busy! Here's a couple things I've been busy with in the last year:

In December, I got engaged to my best friend ever, which has hugely impacted the last year. It led to hours of scouring wedding blogs and pictures, planning our perfect shindig. It also led to hours of hating wedding blogs, which all insist that you must follow traditions, spend buckets of money, and do everything "just right" to have a decent wedding. We went a different route, which was fun and exhausting!

We got a kitty and named her Suki. She's a little crazy sometimes, but she makes up for it by making cute cooing/purring sounds and snuggling with us at night.
In an effort to make more of our own food, Jesse and I have started a fling with canning and pickling. This was our first try: pickled asparagus. It actually came out quite tasty! Our second try, dill pickles, was a complete failure, but we're not giving up. Next up is pear butter. I'll keep you updated.
On August 2nd, 2009, we became Jesse and Katrina Emery, The Married Couple. It was a wonderful day filled with our favorite people, food, and music, and I've never been happier in my life. Now we're busy adjusting to married life, which has the biggest impact in our finances, and getting used to using the words "husband" and "wife."
Now I'm just busy practicing life: that day-to-day thing that gets us all so befuddled sometimes. I'm hanging out with my dear friends Nat and Andrea, who moved here in June and play amazing music, I'm still exploring Portland by bike and mouth (restaurant-hopping), and I've just pulled out my sewing machine again with big aspirations. Good things are ahead, and updates will come.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. I'm SO glad you're doing this blog! Yay for you for blessing the world with your writing skills and wit! And yay for us for getting to receive it and love it!


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