Monday, September 14, 2009

I've Made A Dress

So I pulled out my sewing machine (well, the one I'm borrowing from my mother-in-law), grabbed a free pattern, and made myself a shiny new dress!

The pattern is called the Maryy, from the Burda Style website. It's just a cute sundress pattern, and it's labeled as novice, which may have been what attracted me. I've sewn a few things earlier this summer, but I still wouldn't say I'm any good. I figured this was a good one to practice on.

The fabric is also from my mother-in-law: she had a huge bin of leftovers that she wouldn't use, so I dug through and found this.

The sewing went okay. I sewed things on backwards, and on the wrong side a few times, so my trusty seam ripper came in very handy. My biggest problem was that I think I chose a size too big, so then I tried to to make it smaller, but that just made things go wonky when I put the zipper in. But it's not too noticeable. My attempt at making it smaller succeeded a little too much, though, since now it's a bit tight around the bust! But it's not uncomfortable.

We're experiencing a bit of a summer revival right now, with temperatures back in the 90s, so I finished the dress at the perfect time. I wore it all Thursday, and felt very summer picnicky as we walked up Belmont to a coffeeshop.

I'm already dreaming of what's next. I can't afford to go crazy buying fabric, though, so I'm planning remakes on a couple clothes I never wear. Hmm...we'll see.

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  1. I'm sorry... did I read that right? You're trying to figure out what to make next?? hmmmm... I thought we had this one covered already? LOL! :)


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