Friday, September 18, 2009

Etsy Wish List Day

Sometimes I like to browse on Etsy just to look at the pretty things I can't (or shouldn't) buy. I found this today:

This Bejeweled Bee Necklace looks so gilded and pretty--I can imagine it looking very good with several of my shirts. It would add a little whimsy to an otherwise boring day, it seems, to carry around a bee with you.
Too bad my paycheck is already spoken for...

This embroidered note is pretty darn cute. Sometimes I see things and think "I could totally make that," but then again, when someone else has put so much time and love in, why bother re-creating it? I'd rather just buy it from them! It seems like this would be such a cute little gift for anyone. And then to visit later and see it hanging on a special little hook, and know you gave it to them...aww...

Actually, this isn't on a wish list for me, because Jesse has this shirt. It was part of a "new shirt package" we bought him awhile ago. I love it because it looks like a big paint splatter, but then you look closer and see that wait! It's Europe! Then you feel clever for figuring it out. Bonus clever points for naming each country. I haven't tried, which lets me feel superior for thinking that I could do it.

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