Monday, April 26, 2010

A Few Things of Craftiness

A few random things for today's blog...

1) I made a tank top shirt that I completely copied off someone else's project I saw. It was my Saturday project, and my Sunday outfit.
It was pretty easy to pull off, actually--the tank is just a regular one from Target, and all the scraps are small leftover pieces from previous (and future) projects. The only trick was sewing non-stretchy fabric to a very stretchy tank. But I like how it turned out!

2) I got a fun package from fellow blogger K*tdid. I won a give-away on her blog (lucky me!) and got two cozy and bright legwarmers recycled from an old sweater. So fun! The package also came with pink paper heart confetti, which I am to plant and watch become flowers. Yes, please. (Forgive the awful juxtaposition of baggy pajama pants and striped socks with these otherwise amazing legwarmers.)

2) Speaking of K*tdid, she just opened her Etsy shop and it is seriously cool.  I don't knit, unfortunately (all my energy is spent trying not to curse sewing), but I can still appreciate the dedication it takes to make handspun  and handdyed wool. Yup. Pretty awesome.

3) Back in the sewing world, two buttons off two separate skirts popped off in the last week at work. Not cool, especially when they are high-waisted skirts that really require the buttons to hold tight and be seen! The first one was luckily at the end of the day, but today's was at about 8:15am. I salvaged it with a safety pin before lunch, but it's still a bit disheartening. Two buttons? Really? Are my handmade clothes destined to just fall apart and disintegrate while I'm wearing them? They can be fixed, but I'm still a bit gloomy about it.

4) Our community has found a house! We will be living in SE Portland near Division and 50th, which is close to many good places to eat and lots of big streets to bike in. And the house is full of hardwood floors, a cute kitchen with glass cabinets, and big open rooms! This is crafty-related because the 3rd bedroom has already been dedicated to a phenomenal craft space, with names like "Room of Amazing Craftiness," "Imagination Station," and "Unicorns, Rainbows, and Crafts Wonderland."
Some names are better than others.
We'll be moving in about two weeks! Now to packing...

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