Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I needed a quick and easy project to finish after my skirt, and I've been eyeing these mini-bloomers for awhile. The pattern is a free download from Colette Patterns--same company as the skirt.
I had an old wrap-around jersey dress that I never wore anymore, so I decided to reclaim it for this project. And in one day I whipped up my own bloomers! It's very satisfying to have an easy project you can finish in one day--especially after a long, involved one. I really like how they turned out. Next time I might make them a little bit bigger, especially the leg openings, but other than that I loved it. And they are so soft and comfy to wear!
I liked them so much that the next day I decided to take the rest of the fabric and make a little bandeau bra to go with the bloomers. Just in case I needed a matching outfit to lounge around in, you know? The bra is just a strip of fabric with elastic at the top and bottom. So no, it's not a lot of support, but it's just for lounging. Plus, it's pretty cute. I may add a ribbon detail, or even straps to it sometime, but for now it's good the way it is. Fast and easy!
It was a good detox project on my weekend. And these are both so comfy I think I will just live in them all summer--once it's warm enough!

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