Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cable Car Tour Dress: A Modcloth-opy.

A few months ago I found this dress on, and just loved it.

So cute and chic! But I didn't want to pay for it, so when I saw a similar pattern on BurdaStyle, I just had to make it. I bought some basic cotton off Etsy, and started in, and ended up with this:

I made a few simple changes from the pattern (Madison), mostly in the collar, to get it to look more like the modcloth version. Here's my version:

Just a few issues with it:
-It's a little big, but with the belt added it looks great and you can't tell, so not a big deal.
-The pockets stick out a little funny, but I almost think they're supposed to. Either way, it gives me a bit more hips, so also not a big deal.
-I used leftover scraps of interfacing for the collar (I was too cheap to go out and buy more), so the back collar doesn't have quite as much body or shape as I want. Again, probably not a big deal.
-And last, the fabric. I was focused on savings and on the houndstooth, so when I bought the fabric off Etsy I didn't realize it was just quilting cotton. Not the best for clothing--it's kind of cheap feeling.  But it turned out okay. The body in the fabric works well with the pattern, as it's not supposed to be too flowing. Next time I make this, I 'd spring for the nice wool houndstooth and maybe put a lining in it.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it, and I love the way the collar stands up and just shows hints of the neck and collarbones. Modest, but almost in a teasing way, if I do say so myself! And I love the buttons. Buttons are always very nice. version: $50 on an impulse buy.
My version:$20, a lot of time, and so much more meaningful!


  1. katrina, this is amazing! what you do is so much cooler than what i do. and more complicated. promise. :)

    hey, i need to send you a box still, and i've been meaning to, but i don't have your address! wanna facebook it to me? :)

  2. I think you are getting really good. Looks really cute and your are the perfect model for it. Keep up the good work. You will have your own dress shop someday and sell for big bucks!!

  3. This is adorable. I want one. That is all.


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