Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Contemplation of a Dress

I've been eying this dress at Anthropologie (of course) lately, because not only do I quite like it, but I think there's a good chance that I could re-create it. It's called the Sky Bridge Dress.

In looking at it, it seems like it's just a simple skirt that's gathered on both ends, then a simple triangular v-neck bodice. It seems like it should be simple. I'm still convincing myself of this, but once I get there I might try to re-create it. It's on sale at Anthropologie right now, for $78. Depending on the fabric I find, I feel confident I could pull that off for $30, tops. It's on my list for sure--we'll see when I get to it.
Another thing on my list is re-working some old clothes from my closet. There are two types of clothes you get rid of: one that you finally decide the color is just not good on you, and one that despite how much you love the color, you finally realize the fit/style is all wrong. The first kind is hard to be recycled without massive dyeing projects, but the second is a new outfit just waiting to happen. I've already culled a few options from my closet and come out with some very nice fabrics--a lot of baggy dresses or old shirts that I've just gotten tired of. So I'm mulling over projects with those.

For right now though, I've just started this skirt from Colette Patterns:


It might take me awhile, but I love it so much already! I have a fantastic green linen, so I can't wait. It'll be the perfect happy spring skirt!

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