Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

We got back last night from Seattle, and here are a few pictures of fun to share.

First we went to the Space Needle in hopes of doing the touristy thing. Unfortunately, the touristy price tag was a bit too high for us, so when presented with the  choice of seeing a cloudy view or going to the "Experience Music Project" Museum, we decided better memories would be made with the latter.

Here is a picture of a giant sculpture made out of over 700 instruments. And then a picture of me playing a theremin, which actually fulfilled a dream of mine. Theremins are pretty awesome, even though it sounded awful when I played it. They show up quite a bit in hokey science fiction movies from the 50s, and in a certain Beach Boys song. I like how the picture makes it look like I'm actually producing that yellow squiggly on the wall.

For dinner we went to the piers and tried a seafood restuarant called Ivan's Acres of Clams. I was hoping to get a picture of said acres, but no luck. I did get a picture of our seagull friend that visited us, though!

Then we headed to our lovely little Bed and Breakfast outside of downtown. It was the perfect little place--lovely without being too cutesy! I did notice when we grabbed breakfast that the other guests had our ages beat by a half century or so.... but it was still perfect. We relaxed and slept in, and I opened the presents we had brought. Then the next day...

Coffee! Wandering around! Exploring! Buying a birthday sweater! Stuffing our bellies full at Pike's Place Market! We ate, in order, a crepe, potstickers and yakisoba noodles, a Russian pastry called a Piroshky, and samples of smoked salmon and dried fruit. At this point we didn't really want to be done, but our stomachs said we were, so we ended at The Crumpet Shop with tea and a crumpet.

Then, stuffed to the brim, fat, and happy, we headed home. I am now 25 years old and still don't like baked beans. But I do like Seattle, my husband, and birthdays.

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