Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Blues Skirt

It was a Monday again... and what a Monday. Yesterday was kind of a bum day at work, then I came home to find Jesse very sick, and our place a mess, and nothing to eat...
But last night as Jesse vegetated on the couch I sewed, sewed, sewed, and managed to finish my new work skirt! I call it my Monday Blues Skirt. Since, you know, it's blue. And I wore it on a Monday. I'm very creative, I know.

Please note that the glass in the background is Ginger Ale, not wine. I already have enough problems sewing--I don't need to add more risk.

 The skirt pattern is a free pattern from Burda Style, called the Marie skirt. It's kind of a tulip or bubble skirt, with a high waist. I am a bit addicted to the Burda Style patterns, but I think it's out of convenience more than anything else. The instructions really leave you in the lurch a lot of the time. On the plus side, I have to kind of make up half the process, which makes me feel like I'm a designer. Sort of.

Here it is, all finished! I really like how it turned out. I wore it to work today, and felt so professional. I also wanted to blurt out that I had made it to everyone I saw. (I managed to only say it once. I was very reserved and professional.)

 Here I am gazing out our balcony, as I so often do right before work on freezing cold days. Also, you can see my new haircut in this picture! I like it very much. It feels very polished.
High waisted skirts are very fun, but you have to be careful. The addition of a simple cardigan turns it from "naughty secretary" to "dull librarian" instantly.
Making this skirt solved my sewing slump, though. I feel so inspired now that I actually finished something! And wore it! And loved it! I am quite happy. Quite happy indeed.

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